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2018 ArtsBJ Network Hosting the 4th Poet’s Award and International Poetry Award, Ceremony and Dinner

On the evening of October 28th, 2018 ArtsBJ Network hosted the Poet’s Award and the 4th International Poetry Award in Huaqiao Building, Beijing. Over fifty celebrity poets and artists participated the grand ceremony.

The 2018 Poet’s Award was granted to Genzi- A Chinese poet living in the US. For the 4th ArtsBJ Network International Poetry Award, Heinü won the First Place, Zhang Weidong and Yun chuitian the Second Place, and Yu Guifeng, Zhang Mali and Mo Wo-er the Third Place; Tao Jie was awarded the “the First Poetry Collection Award”.


Zheng Maoyu, an established poet took the place of the chairman in the review committee of ArtsBJ Network International Poetry Award. Also joined us were Xie Mian, poetry theorist, professor of College of Arts, Beijing University, and Dean of Poetry Research Institute; poet Shi Zhi; Ji Di Ma Jia, poet, Dean of Luxun College of Arts, and executive vice president of China Writers Association; Lian Ji, researcher of Chinese Academy of Arts, previous vice-governor, and currently dean of Chinese Academy of Arts; Yang Kuanghan, researcher at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Literature Institute, and Global Chinese Literature Research Center; Yang Xiaobin, poet, member of the review committee of ArtsBJ Network International Award, and researcher at Taiwan Central Research Institute; Professor Yu Hong, vice President of School of Journalism and Communication, Beijing University, dean of Television Research Center, Beijing University; Zang Di, American poet, translator, member of ArtsBJ Network review committee, and professor of Chinese Department, Beijing University; Zhang Yue, CCTV host and CEO of TaFoundation; Tang Xiaodu, poetry theorist and editor-in-chief of Writer’s Press; professor Wang Yan, president of East China Normal University Press; American poet and translator Eleanor Goodman, Italian poet and translator Giusi Tamburello, editor -in-chief of World Literature Gao Xing; Xi Liang, poet and curator of Chinese Language Poetry Archive; Poet, vice general editor –in-chief of ArtsBJ Network, and Documentary director Wu Ergen; and many scholars and artists Cao Xingyuan, Ding Zhenggen, Mu Ye, Zhou Zhan, Liang Liang, Wu Zhenping, and also joined us was Mr.Yang Ermin, chair of the review committee of ArtsBJ Network International Poets Award.

CCTV international show host Guo Dan and poet Yang Xiaobin hosted the grand celebration. The grand celebration was held in the sound of music presented by a youth violin musician , poet reciting aloud by our famed young dancer pair Jiang Dichen and Jiang Ditong started the grand ceremony. Chair of the review committee of ArtsBJ Network, CEO of ArtsBJ Network Yang Ermin gave an introduction to the awards. Poet and chair of review committee Zheng Maoyu briefed about the selection. Ji Di Ma Jia gave a talk. (translated by Pang Lin)

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