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Magnificent throughout time and space The Vatican Museum opens its gate to the "Distance Place


Distant Place,Yang Ermin. 68x138cm

Recently, Chinese artist YANG Ermin's ink painting (also called ShuiMo painting) “Distant Place” is welcomed into the Vatican Museum as the first contemporary Chinese ink painting collected by Vatican. Created in 2018 with Chinese ink and color ink on rice paper, “Distant Place” is a 138×69cm landscape exquisitely depicted in a profound and subtle atmosphere. It represents the divinity and sublime in nature. This is the first contemporary Chinese ink painting possessed by The Vatican Museum, which makes it an important event in the art collection.

Exchange gifts with His Highness Pope Francis,2019.3.20

Well known for its precious masterpieces, the Vatican Museum has an extremely strict selection of artworks, showing both a great taste of art and a vision of investment.

The immense collection of the Vatican Museum is, according to Baidu Zhidao, the undisputed world number one in terms of quantity and quality. Amassed by popes throughout the centuries, this museum possesses several of the most renowned Roman sculptures and most important masterpieces of Renaissance art in the world. A random piece of its collection could easily be the jewel of the crown for another museum elsewhere.

Famous galleries in Europe and the America would present the works of world top artists to the Vatican museum each year, but only very few of them could finally enter the hall. The procedure of collection is also very complicated, that’s why it is also called the Nobel Prize for art. The Vatican Museum only collects the masterpieces that have marked the history of art, works of world-renowned artists, each with their strong and unique character yet all well acknowledged by the world. YANG Ermin is one of the few contemporary artists whose works find their place in the Vatican collection. That is a great honor not only for the artist himself, but also for his country, for the art and art collection in China.

YANG Ermin is a pioneer in the reform and innovation of Chinese ink painting. He created his own vocabulary of Colored Shuimo Painting, a comprehensive system that would combine the traditional Chinese ink painting skills with the colors of the modern art, as an integration of the ancient and modern artistic vision, absorbing the essence of the Easten and the Westen Art.

“Distant Place” is a landscape painting with Chinese ink and color ink on rice paper, 138×69cm. It is the first contemporary Chinese ink painting possessed by The Vatican Museum. A faraway place so exquisitely depicted in a profound and subtle atmosphere… does it refer to the East or the West? Maybe everyone has his own “Distant Place”, that’s what it offers us: in the “Distant Place”, everyone finds his own Holy Land.


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