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Yang Er-min: Nature and Its Environment Project

The sponsoring agencies for Yang Ermin"s "Spontaneous Combustion and Its Environment" Art Project: Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Foundation, American Foundation for Graphic Arts, National Contemporary Art Center, Environment Programme,, Art WorldMagazine,, Nissan Beijing Club, etc.


Since the beginning of the modern time, human over-exploitation and consumption have unprecedentedly damaged the natural environment upon which our living must rely. Anomalies caused by global warming and greenhouse effect have obviously increased. Environmental protection has become a severe motif imperatively needed in the 21st century. If the human being cannot effectively restrain greed but continue to plunder and destroy the natural environment, the consequences will be like adding fuel to fire during self-combustion to burn oneself into ashes.

Human being is burning, and the world is melting.

Please take away fuel from the greedy fire and take good care of our home planet.

Yang Ermin"s "Nature and Its Environment" Art Project originates from the mental shock brought by the grim reality of the deterioration of the earth"s natural environment. It represents profound thinking and self-consciousness of the future and destiny of mankind within the field of contemporary art. The intention of this art project is to reveal the essence of the world by resorting to the appealing and penetrating power of human senses, enlighten the public to reach their rational reflection and introspection regarding the relationship between mankind and nature, and call for the self-consciousness of saving the planet as well as self-redemption.

"Nature and Its Environment" Art Project is not only an art project, but also a long-term social activity for environmental protection in which everyone can participate. It creatively expands modern performance art into "Art + Behaviour + Conception + Installation + Environment" to convey, deepen and propagate the idea of environmental protection in art, and realize the combination of individual artistic creation and social environmental activity in the mode of materialization.

This project uses "fire" as its core vocabulary and dominant image to indicate the ultimate origin of the crisis of the earth"s environment - human greed - the fire of lust. Fire means "combustion," "melting," "burning" and "ashes" - the most terrible destructive power in the world. Today, hot greed and brutal behaviour for robbing nature have become such a rising flame. The billowing evil fire surges the globe and burns the hope and dream of happiness, and devours our rich and beautiful home planet.

This project uses various "melting vehicles" that stream in city and countryside as its material to show the flowing disastrous formation within the process of the deterioration of global environment. It shockingly warns everyone who encounters this art work in the virtual time-space coincidence and actual conflict. The vague but popular concept of environmental protection will have its clear and solid support. Let environmental protection and art creation initiate and develop together.

This project kicked off in Beijing, Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, Barcelona, Cape Town, Berlin and other cities. Yang hopes that more and more organizations, people, and media interested in the art of environmental protection will join this project.

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